NHC Now Offers COVID-19 Testing

Neighborhood Health Center (NHC) is now offering COVID-19 testing one day per week at our Hillsboro Clinic.

Here are important reminders about who should be tested and how we’re keeping patients and staff safe.

Should I be tested for COVID-19?

At this time, we are only encouraging “high-risk” patients (as determined by an NHC RN) to be tested for COVID-19.

Any patient with flu or Coronavirus-like (COVID-19) symptoms – including fever, upper respiratory congestion, a sore throat, or difficulty breathing – should contact our clinic to see if testing is necessary.

Current patients can use MyChart to communicate directly with an NHC provider – or call 503-848-5861 to speak with an NHC nurse. Please be aware that call times are longer than normal, as we are receiving a high volume of calls.

How can I get tested for COVID-19?

Patients who suspect they have COVID-19 should schedule a phone consultation with an NHC nurse. If symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, we will schedule a phone or video visit with a provider.

If our provider determines that a patient needs testing, we will schedule a test at the appropriate clinic.

What is the cost associated with COVID-19 testing?

It is our mission to build healthy communities through patient-centered health care, regardless of income. We are committed to serving our patients and will never turn anyone away for an inability to pay.

As such, any fees resulting from COVID testing and evaluations are based on our sliding scale.

What else should I know about COVID-19 testing?

COVID-19 treatment or preventative services will not impact any of our immigrant patients as part of a future Public Charge analysis. As written, the Public Charge does not restrict access to testing, screening, or treatment of infectious diseases – including COVID-19.

And as we continue to expand services, and offer COVID-19 testing to the community, we want to thank you for your ongoing support of Neighborhood Health Clinic. We believe everyone deserves high-quality care.

Community donations help cover the cost for patients and families, who are unable to pay for health services. Learn more about our mission, and find ways to support our work here.

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