Karla smiles for a headshot photo in front of a white backdrop.

Accepting New Patients

Karla Goodman, ND

Naturopathic Family Physician

Beaverton Medical Clinic

17200 NW Corridor Ct., Suite 110, Beaverton, OR 97006 [Google Map]

(503) 213-3800

Offers Video Visits: Yes

Speaks: English

About Karla Goodman

Education:  N.D.  Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AZ

Experience:  Practice naturopathic medicine in assisted living pathways and family and elementary school clinics, addressing conditions and illness through the holistic care of mind, body, and spirit

At NHC:  I provide whole-person naturopathic medicine in family practice, pediatrics, women’s medicine, and endocrinology

Patient Reviews

At NHC we are constantly striving to optimize your experience and patient feedback is critical in this process of continual improvement. Patient surveys are randomly conducted by a third-party vendor to provide us feedback, which is the source of our provider ratings and patient comments.  Read more about how provider ratings are calculated.

"The staff was great. The doctor was excellent and very detailed in explaining things to us. She was willing to listen and go over what we needed. The front office was great. They were greeting their patients; they are just nice."

"I actually had a choice to either pick my pain doctor (who prescribes my Vicodin) or Doctor Goodman. And kept her over my pain doctor because she is that important to me and my health!"

"The receptionist that answers the phone is the one that takes notes and gives them to the caregiver. She is very polite on the phone! And the people that draw your blood are very nice too! Doctor Goodman is nice too. She is just way busy!"

"The PCP is the best. Dr. Goodman is one of the best doctors."

"I appreciate the friendliness of the front people and the doctor, and the information provided when I ask questions to the doctor."

"I like the person who saw me, she was really nice."

"I like that with the attention of the doctor always a fast answer from her."

"I was getting blood drawn and I was telling the lady I had really bad phobias with needles. The last lady didn't listen to my needs, and this lady listened to my needs and put my anxiety first, she cared about me too."

"I really liked that they know me by my name, Monica and Dr. Goodman. The doctor researches what I may need and sends it to me in MyChart."

"I just like the attentiveness of Monica, Karla, Tyron, and all the staff in the front to my certain diseases and finding help and managing Lupus. You can tell that they are very compassionate in helping me. They are always answering me. I've been seeing them for 9 years, so that says something. Everyone is fast, friendly, very smart, and educated. They treat me very well and I always leave very satisfied. I have never left disappointed, scared or feeling that they were not able to help. The providers are amazing!"

"I like the fact that Karla is a good doctor."

"My doctor, the girls in the front, the receptionists, and my doctor's nurses were nice, attentive, and thorough."

"I like that Doctor Goodman was understanding, non-judgmental, and very helpful towards my needs. She did not shut down my needs or made me feel like I was in my head. She made me feel like she was actually paying attention to me and helping me with what I needed for myself."

"When I try to call to make appointments, they don't answer fast. I just wait. It's hard to get through. I wish the receptionists could answer instead of calling back."

"It's hard to get an appointment with the provider."

"I appreciate the phone visits. When I don't have to go in, since I live an hour away."