Accepting New Patients

James Boyd, MD

Family Physician

Canby Medical Clnic

178 SW 2nd Ave, Canby, OR 97013 [Google Map]

(503) 416-4547

Offers Video Visits: Yes

Speaks: English

About James Boyd

Education:  M.D.  University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, CO  |  Residency in Internal Medicine at Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center Program, Portland, OR

Experience:  Over 10 years of experience in primary care medicine, including founding a medical clinic in Lakewood, CO, as well as board certification in Internal Medicine with additional training in family planning

At NHC:  I provide primary medical care for patients of all backgrounds, regardless of current state of health

What I do for Fun:  Hike, cycle, and sail

Patient Reviews

At NHC we are constantly striving to optimize your experience and patient feedback is critical in this process of continual improvement. Patient surveys are randomly conducted by a third-party vendor to provide us feedback, which is the source of our provider ratings and patient comments.  Read more about how provider ratings are calculated.

"The ladies are wonderful at the front desk. The office is comfortable, really nice, you feel like you are being taken care of."

"I liked my doctor and the nurses, they are very nice and quick and seem to care about what I'm saying and he seems to remember my care history and I don't have to explain it every time."

"The nurse is very friendly and helpful."

"I liked that the wait time wasn't long."

"The availability to give me the appointment as soon as possible."

"I think it's just a nice little community doctor's office."

"I like that the staff has great communication with me as a patient."

"I did enjoy the speediness and convenience of getting an appointment and taking care of it."

"I like that the attention is good."

"The receptionists, doctors, and nurses take great care of me and are excellent people."

"I like the nurses to attend quickly and are attentive to me."

"I like that the doctor was kind and treated me well."

"The attention they have given me and the respect."

"Getting checked in is easy, and the ladies or men who have checked me in before having been thorough and nice."

"He was rude and seems to be very arrogant. he has his own idea about how things should be, doctors direct but they should have a response from the patient. he never explain how he had to do some tests. he was in a hurry everyone is nice besides the provider. i wouldn't recommend it because of doctor Boyd. I would like to be transferred to another doctor."

"The doctor made me feel like I was stupid! From what I know being dizzy and lightheaded are two different things, but he kept trying to explain to me what they meant. After he asked if I understood him, he still continued trying to explain the same thing to I did not like this doctor at all! The reason why I saw him was that he was the only doctor available. I did not like the way he treated me!"