Behavioral Health

What is a Behavioral Health Provider?

Good health care involves paying attention not only to physical health, but also stress, relationships, emotional health, habits, and behaviors, and how those things interact with each other and medical conditions. As behavioral health providers, we can help you get the information, skills, and emotional support you need to feel better, be healthier, regain control of your life, and live more fully despite stress, pain, or illness. We are a part of your patient-centered care team at Neighborhood Health Center and someone your medical staff works with closely. We cannot prescribe medications, but we can help you manage the symptoms for which you are using the medication(s).

What does it mean to be referred to a Behavioral Health Provider?

A referral to the behavioral health provider does not mean that something is wrong with you or that your provider believes that your symptoms are imaginary. Rather, it means that your provider believes that we may be able to help you feel better and improve your health and medical condition(s).

How will we work with you?

Behaviorists will start by talking to you about your symptoms, how you are coping with them, how you are functioning, your needs and goals. We will collaborate with you on setting realistic goals for yourself and deciding how you want to achieve them. We will likely recommend things you can do outside of the clinic between appointments. Behaviorists may typically see you one to six times. The sessions are about 20-30 minutes every two to four weeks. We can also help refer you to other services outside of the clinic as needed (seeing a mental health counselor for example).

Who are Behavioral Health Care Providers?

Behavioral health providers at Neighborhood Health Center are licensed psychologists, licensed counselors or licensed clinical social workers who specialize in helping people develop skills and make changes to improve their overall health and manage their health conditions. Neighborhood Health Center partners with LifeWorks NW to make this service is available to you at our clinic.

What kind of conditions can a Behavioral Health Provider help manage?

Some examples: Diabetes, persistent pain, substance and/or drug dependence, weight management, elevated blood pressure or cholesterol, asthma, insomnia, fatigue, smoking cessation, memory problems, migraines/headaches, gastro-intestinal problems, sexual dysfunction, problems related to pregnancy, ADHD.

Ask your provider for a referral to meet with a behavioral health provider.

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