Board of Directors

As a designated Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), our Board of Directors seek diverse representatives to provide valuable input around access to healthcare. We value the concerns facing our communities and will work on improving the current health care issues facing our communities.

Our board is composed of individuals, a majority of whom are being served by the center, who volunteer their time monthly. This majority as a group represent the individuals being served by the center in terms of demographic factors such as race, ethnicity, and sex. The remaining members represent professions providing experience and skills to guide the Board of Directors in delivering continuity and organizational consistency.

Current Board of Directors include:

> Donalda Dodson, Co-Chair
> Brittany Marks, Co-Chair
> Teresa Learn, Treasurer
> Alan Hodge, Secretary
> Paige Carlson
> Stephanie Akins
> Leonard Bowles
> James Barnes

> Wayne Schmidt